Nick's Journal
2007-01-23 15:33:22 (UTC)

I think I may have been a little bit to sarcastic when filling out that Dentist's form

so i'm going to the dentist today. i usually try to keep my
checkups to the regularly scheduled 6 months. so far i've
loved all of my dentists. my grandfather was a dentist and
i always remember walking through his sterile office, with
all of the "scary" instruments laid out on the table. i
always thought it a fascinating job, but not one that i
would ever want to do.
well here i am now on the 7th!! page of this "acquaintance"
form. god damn it, this is one of those "new age" dentists
i know it. i love the old school ones. sit the fuck down,
open the fuck open, i'm yanking this bitch the fuck out cos
the anesthetics aren't within arm reach. now get out of my
well anyway, here i am on the 7th page, and i'm starting to
realize that my responses are getting a bit sarcastic.
like under, "what would you like to avoid during your office
visit?" i put "getting mauled by badgers". i mean i
figured a) it's anonymous, and b) it's fucking gay anyways.
what the hell kind of question is that?
then they have all of these goal setting questions, such as
how would you like your teeth:
clean and healthy
i am on a budget but would like good teeth
okay, first of all. are clean and healthy really mutually
exclusive properties? and second of all, who puts down 3?
i mean i don't have dental insurance and even I am willing
to throw down a coupla Gs in the way of my dental
appearance, for as my brother in law so aptly put it, "if
you don't have your teeth, what do you have?"
and think about how true that is. imagine the british.
christ, 300 years of a downward spiral...nough said.
so on about 24, i have to stop watching. i just finished
the third season and i literally yelped with joy at th end
of one of the episodes. i mean come on, this show is
unreal! but how awesome it is.
so i am moving on to 'the wire' which i've heard a lot of
good things about.
plus i have a book report i'd like to get off of my chest
about globalization, but that's for after the dentist.