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2007-01-21 02:33:02 (UTC)

One Week

To escape some serious pussy torture from my two best
friends, I agreed to be obedient and accept orders from
them all week. I had to call them every morning when I
woke up and every afternoon when I returned home from
work. I had to do without argument whatever they
commanded me to do. The following is a list of the
creative, painful, and humiliating tasks they devised for

Day 1 – Monday
AM phone call: Before you leave for work, the very last
thing you do is pull your skirt up around your waist and
us a hairbrush to spank your fat ass 50 times on each
cheek – hard.
PM phone call: Strip down to your bra, panties, and high
heels. Then put on a belt, hat, scarf, and gloves. Wear
this all evening and when you go to sleep. Masturbate
over your panties for 30 minutes, do not orgasm. Do not
remove any of the clothes until you call tomorrow morning.
Day 2 – Tuesday
AM phone call: You can take off your special outfit now,
but you must wear those same dirty panties to work today.
Suck on a bar of soap while showering. Do not rinse your
mouth before leaving for work.
PM phone call: Cut a 3 foot length of rope and shove it
up your cunt until only 2 inches are sticking out. Leave
it in all night until you call tomorrow. Spend 30 minutes
with two fingers shoved up your ass. Don’t wash your hand
before going to bed. Do 100 jumping jacks before you go
to bed.
Day 3 – Wednesday
AM phone call: Measure the length of rope hanging out of
your filthy cunt. If it’s still only 2 inches, pull the
rest of the rope out slowly, put it in the freezer and go
to work. If there is any more than exactly 2 inches
hanging out, yank the rest out quickly. Then shove it
back in again and pull it out slowly. Do this six more
times alternating fast and slow. When you are done, put
the rope in the freezer. Cut another length of rope and
tie it tightly around your waist so that it is very
uncomfortable. Wear it under your clothes all day.
PM phone call: Strip naked but keep the rope tied around
your waist. Remove the other rope from the freezer and
shove it up your cunt again. Put on a tight pair of
jeans, but no shirt or bra. Wear just the jeans all night
and be sure to sleep in them.
Day 4 – Thursday
AM phone call: Yank the rope out of your cunt. Suck the
whole thing clean. Put it in the freezer again. Wear
clothespins on your nipples, over your blouse, as you
drive to work and again when you drive home. You may not
use the bathroom at all while at work today.
PM phone call: Strip down to your panties. Stand in the
bathtub and tie your legs together at the knees and
ankles. Then count aloud to 200 before peeing in your
panties. Rinse off in cold water for a count of 100. Dry
yourself off using only a small washcloth. Then wrap each
arm, leg, and torso, ass to neck, in saran-wrap. Shove
your panties in your mouth and tape your mouth shut. Do
200 jumping jacks while wrapped before going to bed.
Unwrap yourself, then piss and sleep in the bathtub
Day 5 – Friday
AM phone call: Write “PAINSLUT” in red marker on a piece
of masking tape. Wear the masking tape across your
forehead as you drive to work. On your drive home,
write “PIG” directly on your forehead in lipstick.
PM phone call: Spank your fat ass with a hairbrush 25
times each cheek. Repeat spanking every hour now until
you go to bed. Put one clothespin on your left nipple for
15 minutes. Then switch it to your right nipple for 15
minutes. Keep alternating it between nipples every 15
minutes until you go to bed.
Day 6 – Saturday
AM phone call: Strip and piss. Remain naked all day.
Scrub the toilet using your toothbrush. Do a good job
because you’ll be drinking out of it all day. Don’t
worry, you’re not allowed to pee again all day until you
get to our place tonight. Make scrambled eggs with
Tabasco sauce for breakfast. Dump the eggs on the kitchen
floor, get on your knees, clasp your hands behind your
back and eat off the floor with your mouth. If you want
water afterwards, lap it out of the toilet like a dog.
Next use a red marker and write “CUNT” above your pussy
with an arrow pointing down; write “FAT COW” across your
stomach; write “SLUT” on one tit and “WHORE” on the other;
write “HURT ME” going down one arm and “WORTHLESS” down
the other; write “PIG” on one thigh and “BITCH” on the
other. Leave them there all day and make sure the words
are printed neatly or you will be punished later.
Coat a butt plug with bengay and shove it up your ass.
Then take the 3 foot rope from the freezer and shove it up
your cunt. Use the riding crop to whip your ass and tits
until they are bright red. Repeat as needed throughout
the day to make sure they stay red.
Make macaroni and cheese for lunch and eat it off the
floor like you did for breakfast. Spend one full hour
standing in the corner sucking on a pacifier. Then kneel
on the bathroom floor, lean on the closed toilet lid, and
write neatly “i am a fat, ugly, pathetic painslut” 100
times. Don’t forget to bring this with you when you come
over tonight.
At 5pm sharp, prepare yourself for tonight. Do not
shower. Do not wear deodorant. Do not wear makeup of any
kind. More sure your body art is still neat and legible.
Smack your ass and tits to make sure they’re still red
when you get here. Remove the rope and butt plug. Dress
in tight jeans, an itchy wool sweater, no bra or panties,
and wear high heels that are at least one full size too
small. Wear nipple clamps under the sweater on the drove
over. Arrive here at exactly 6:30pm.

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