This is the beloved air I breathe
2007-01-20 22:14:33 (UTC)

I don't like my emo self

I hate this whole emotoinal crap. I hate it that I allow
myself to open up and become interested in a guy, and I
hate it when it seems that I'm just allowing myself to get
more hurt.
Before we continue on with this blog, I need to state for
the record that I'm sick AND I have my period, so I'm
overly emotional and sensitive, which will inevidably lead
to an overly dramatic entry, but it's ok, I'm entitled.
But I won't blame you if you stop read this now.

I think I'm going to just become asexual. No involvement
with guys ever. I'm not going to talk to them, hang out
with them or be friendly with them ever - lol...I'm just
going to cut myself off from over 50 percent of the
world's population instantly - to preserve my sanity.
But, ::sigh:: I know it'll never work. I'm too psychotic.

I'll talk more later, I suppose