Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
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2007-01-20 01:41:02 (UTC)


Me and my mom are having some serious issues...My neice is
going to be 4..and Kaden is going to be 1...Ok well, My
niece is going through that Mine stage stilll and its sooo
fucking annoying...but I understand Kids gotta go through
there shit right!? Well, everytime Kaden even goes near one
of her toys she starts going "AHH AHH grammy Kadens going
to touch my toys!" But then she'll go riding on Kadens
train, and playing with his toys...Well, Today she was
riding Kadens train I got him for Christmas and Kaden
starting playing with this toy castle thingy she brought
from her house and she started flipping out...So I
said "sarah if he can't play with your toys you can't play
with his, and I made her get of his train" Well, of course
she started swinging at me and screaming cause i made her
get off the toy, but thats fucking ridiculis my mom says
she should be allowed to play with his toys, she is just
going through the mine stage...Ok well, Kaden knows when
you take shit off him he has a temper like Matt he will
scream. So of course when she takes her toys of Kaden he
don't like it ....so my solving this is by taking his toys
off her... maybe not the most mature or best way to solve
it but the "share" talk doesn't go through her head which
is understandable cause she's 4! Maybe she'll learn that
Hey i don't like having this taken off me Maybe Kaden don't
like having that taken off him?!?! I don't know this is my
way of solving it, don't gotta like it but its my way. She
is also very violent...I have found her grabbing stuff from
his hands (EVEN HIS TOYS) and pushing him down...Kicking
him in his head....Punching him...Trying to bite him! THIS
HAS TO STOP! I don't care 4 or even younger...DO NOT hit my
fucking kid...That makes me instintly pissed off...Does my
mom really think that the "its not nice to hit" speech
means a fuck to her? She is bad and I don't want Kaden to
act like her...Kaden gets smacked in his mouth when he
bites (NOT HARD..but enough to get the point across)
Now...she needs a corner or a naughty chair or
something...I can honestly tell you I have never seen this
child be punished. My mom says cause she is the "grandma"
and they are sapposed to spoil the children...WhAT ABOUT
DECIPLINE! All I know is My neice is going to drive me nuts
if once again I hear her say MINE MINE MINE!