taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2007-01-20 00:58:37 (UTC)

All things familial

Yesterday was sobering. I'll skip to the meat. My brother
is in serious need of social interaction and confidence
(aren't we all in need of a little more (or a lot more) of
the latter).

While completely removed from the scenario, it is to my
understanding that my naive-prone brother transfered money
to some chick on the internet with his newly acquired
credit card to the tune of 300 dollars. The skinny on this
lady (and again, the validity of this information is
abundantly questionable) is that she is a 29-year-old
single mom from the USA with an apparent incapability to
pay her $268 telephone bill due to blod clot issues
preventing her from working. The truth to her tales is
irrellavent, the fact that she asked for and/or accepted a
large sum of money from someone she's never met speaks
volumes to her character; I would bet the farm that she
recognized and knowingly exploited my brother's social

Like I said, I only have third party knowledge of these
transpirings, but I know my brother better than most and
there could be any number of reasons as to why he did what
he did, especially given that he really doesn't have
anyone in the flesh to socialize with. I could write for
hours, speculating on why my brother is the way he is, why
he withdraws himself from social settings, I have some
pretty good ideas, but I'm not going to lay out a complete
psychological analysis of my brother here. I will say this
however, at the core of my brother's problems, I believe,
is an undiagnosed intellectual ailment.

Armed with the knowledge (outlined in paragraph two) my
dad and I ended up having an hour-long conversation when
he got home from work that I won't soon forget. We talked
about my brother and our theories of the this man of
mystery, we talked about our fears, our flaws, our
struggles, life, etc. We were both on the verge of tears,
it was over-whelming and I was exhausted afterwards. There
are many things that man said that sruck chords with me
and afterwards I was left with a number of powerful
realizations. 1) I take my family for granted. 2) My love
for all three of my immidiate family members is deeply

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