Nick's Journal
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2007-01-19 06:56:21 (UTC)

The Externship Fair

so for one hour today I walked around the "externship fair".
what a crock of shit. i'm glad that i didn't go the entire
two hours. first of all, those dumb motherfuckers at the
coordinating office decided to schedule it between 12 and 2.
so everybody's hungry as all hell for the first hour,
acting all kinds of irritated. i went to the attorney
general's table. real fucking smooth nick.
talk to the 70 year old lady who looks like she has rats
borroughing up her ass, definitely is low on the old blood
sugar, and right now would give up three of her grandkids
for a 3 musketeers.
"hi, i'm interested in the externship."
she looked up at me as if i had just said, "i have shit in
my pocket"
"yeah, [sigh] what do you know about it?"
whaaaaaaat? nothing, that's why i'm here, that's what you're
supposed to tell me.
"um, i was hoping on getting some information."
she actually grunted, not a grunt of disgust but a grunt of,
"god damn i want some cheetos"
so i went back to the library to do some work.
i came back out at 1:30 for the last half hour. hah, by now
it sounded like a had stept into a god damned pig feeding
stall what with all the slopping.
so i walk up to the environmental counsel and the dude is
eating a wrap that was provided by the school. one big ass
"so what exactly would the externship entail?"
"well" munch, munch.
okay if there's one thing i hate it's noisyness when people
"it's sorta," a tomatoe dribbled out of the side of his mouth
"oh, sorry," he grabbed a napkin and dabbed AND TOOK ANOTHER
1. i understand it's 1:30 you probably haven't eaten in
about an hour and a half, but show some dignity and
restraint. take discrete bites in between peopple asking
for information. there were maybe ten people left milling
around so it's not that hard.
2. what the fuck is wrong with my school's coordinating
office. not only do you NOT schedule something between 12 -
2, but you don't provide a big ass wrap to them at about 1:30!
god damn.
anyhow, it was fucking ridiculous, they didn't help me at
all so i'm back on the hunt.
i'm watching the seinfeld where they go to that party and
they make the plan to help each other out if they get into
awkward conversations. i love that show.
i hate the nbc comedy night done right. what a crock of
shit. if it weren't for tina fey (for whom i have a secret
crush) and tracy morgan, i'd been killing people by now.
how dare you hype up thursday night then make scrubs
musical. you gotta be out of your god damned mind.
anyway, time for bed. fuck the externship fair and fuck nbc.