2007-01-18 17:11:55 (UTC)

Time for a new years resolution, but am I ready to create one?

Gosh where to start. This is the usual start of, damn, let
me tell you about my day until I get to a rant that leads
to the heart of the matter, and when I'm finally done with
that, if ever, I start writing what is really on my mind.
The thing is though, that by that time, I'm just tired of

I need a job. I've got 100 dollars in my bank account.
I need to reinstall my linksys and hope that my internet
will work then.
I need to go to Planned Parenthood this week to get some
pills, before I run out by saturday.
I need to go to Lane and hope they have my medical records.
I need to fill out that columvia application
I need to prep for my party

I want to move out so badly. I mean, like two days ago
bozo caughed right at me. I bitched him out for the
numerous amount of times I told him that. Then when Chris
spent the night bozo is walking around in his underwear.
Pretty sight right? Then my mom tells me that Chris should
learn to say hi. I think in this situation that is waved.
Then she tells me I should have respect for my father
regardless of what he does, simply because he is still
older then me. Well, let's see, serial killers are older
then me, I still won't respect them, Hitler is older then
me, if he were alive I still wouldn't respect him. If
someone does something note worthy I will respect them
whether they are 5 or 500. Age doesn't matter.

So what else, Chris, I love Chris. Partially I know that
when I move out this will contribute to our relationship.
There are milestones we go through and we don't have to go
out to a million places to go through those milestones,
most of them can happen right in the comfort of our own
home. I figure a two bedroom with a roomy would be better
and cheaper in the long run. saves me anywhere from 100-
200 dollars. I'm just not sure how people deal with the
splitting of the kitchen. I'd love for Karoline to live
with me, I think it would be cool and we'd manage to gt a
long great, but she's having her own issues right now.

My inspiration is low right now. I could do so many things
I have all this time, but I'm not doind anything. I'm just
waiting until I turn 22, hm...I was just gonna say 19,
perhaps a freudian slip? Do I feel as though I'd be 19,
kinda is the same time I was experiancing this. Something
awesome just ended, and now the time to get a career
comes. Besides, my golden birthday was nothing special.
Too bad I would have loved that.

I'm kinda thinking about acting again. I need some
project, some higher purpse to strive for. Would love to
make some movies Would love to jump into that pool but I'm
scared to make that leap in to the pool.