taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2007-01-18 09:25:32 (UTC)

My psychological therapy homework for tomorrow

Achived BA in Mass Communication with minor in Psychology.

Unrelenting passion and loyalty to the Ottawa Senators
combined with vast knowledge of hockey players,
statistics, strategy, history, etc.

Keen wit.

Strong sense of empathy for the underprivileged of
society; on macro and micro scales.

Often willing and ususally able to assist friends and
family members in situations of adversity and need.

Informed moral and political consciousness.

Excellent taste in film/movies.

The will to fight and struggle for contentment and the
highest level of physical capability, and the ability to
adapt accordingly to pursue such ends in the face of
crippling barriers.

Above average writing skills.

Stand up for personal beliefs amidst resistance.

Have great friends and girlfriend who are rarely short on
support and friendliness, even when my friendship skills
leave something to be desired.

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