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2007-01-17 07:23:19 (UTC)

Back to Springfield

Okay so my internet is gay and it won't let me post any
blogs on myspace. So I decided to use this as a way around
that. So I have been back in Springfield since Friday.
Friday night was soooo much fun. Whitney, Billy, Wade, and
me started it off. We drank alot. Then Boyer, Tim, Will,
and someone else but I forget who, came over. The night
was soooo much fun and I can't wait to do it all over
again. Then Saturday night Whit and me stayed up really
late watching TV and movies. I found my new favorite show,
Bad Girls Club. Then Sunday night I came home and did
nothing then Boyer, Dave, Austin, and Tim came over. Then
I passed out. Monday was very boring. I did nothing at all
and was very bored. Today was the first day back at
classes. Science is going to be alot to handle. Music is
going to be so much fun, or just plain funny. Social probs
is like phys. it starts fine but I just want to fall
asleep. Then tomorrow I have algebra and go back to work.
Then add English Thurday night and Forensic on Monday
night. Thats my schedule. Oh and Thursday is my
BIRTHDAY!!!!! Friday night is the party. Huge kegger and
more at Whit's place. It is going to be the best birthday
ever. Especially since my birthday the past three years
has sucked. Even if the party turns to be a dud it will be
fun to spend it with my bestest friend Whit. Love ya
girl!?! Okay well I am sure I will get back into my fun
little saying blogs(diary entries) soon but i wanted to
catch ya up on the new shit. Well it is now 130am and i
have class at 10am so i guess i better get my ass in the

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