Nick's Journal
2007-01-16 16:47:24 (UTC)

Last Night was the Worst Night Ever

alright i can safely say that last night was the worst night
of my life. i think i slept a combined 20 minutes (and
those 20 minutes were filled with horrendous night terrors).
some time around 5 o'clock i felt it. i just knew it was
coming, i bolted to the bathroom and started spewing my guts
i always get one horrible stomach virus around this time of
year. and oh my god it has never been like last night.
i'll spare you the details but i seriously thought of just
calling the paramedics.
but anyway as i was walking around shaking uncontrollably i
just thought about how much i miss juliann already, i mean
you just don't realize how great it is to have someone with
you until you're in such a vulnerable position.
well i decided to go to bed which was a mistake. i
absolutely could not fall asleep, time crept by and i was
shaking uncontrollably, feeling like i was burninig up under
the covers yet freezing to death the second i let in a
breath of fresh air.
at some point around 11:30 i must have drifted off and
that's when i had the first of my two night terrors. you
see i had been getting up and walking around every 15
minutes cos this kept me from vomiting, so i spent a lot of
time sitting on our futon watching tv intermittently.
so in my night terror i'm sitting on the futon and all of a
sudeen i look to my left and my grandmother's face is two
inches from mine, grinning maniacally.
i got up out of bed and almoost lost it for a good 3
seconds, holy christ that was insane. it was just so weird
because it seemed so real and then she was right there.
ugh. at 1:30 my neighbors decided to start their malt
liquor battles. i could distinctly hear the guy once say,
"i didn't mnean to do that." but other than that it was
that weird, slurred, muffled by the wall screaming at each
other. now worries though, they decided to fuck until 2:15.
by now i was so out of it. i must have fallen asleep again
around 3ish or 4ish, when i had the second fucked up dream.
i was in the apartment but these larger than life ants were
crawling around eating food. it was so disgusting.
needless to say i couldn't get myself to step out of bed
after i woke up from that one.
well then there i laid for the next 3 hours until i decided
to get up and do my memo. yeah that's right, after vomiting
my guts out for about 12 hours, i decided to squeeze in the
first draft of my memo in under two hours.
well it's in and i'm sitting here feeling pretty nauseous
but at least not as bad as yesterday.
ugh, i just HATE being sick.