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2007-01-16 15:51:50 (UTC)

What does he want from me!?!

I swear, I love him to death but if he asks me one more
question! Matt is driving me up a wall. Everytime i turn
around he is asking me to call his lawyer.Ok, All last week
I was talking to his lawyer and asking him the same
question Matt was telling me to ask getting the same answer
everyday. Now, he wants me to ask the same question again
to get the same answer! He said that ever since they moved
him to reginal jail (45 mins away!) They don't understand
why he is there....He is there to wait until his courtdate
(the 22nd) he just wants me to call his lawyer and ask for
another transport order, if we didn't get a transport order
to pick him up from the Anthony Center, what makes him
think they are going to give us one to pick him up from
reginal? I swear he is driving me nuts. I told him, You are
going to be in reginal for 7 days!! Thats it. Just wait it
out, but no...Has to be impatient, Well, I'm not calling
his lawyer, he'll just get over it and have to bunk there
for 7 days! I swear what does he want from me!?!?!

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