Cosmic Rain
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2007-01-13 00:42:07 (UTC)

i remember being called lumpy once before.

I found a lump. I'm not really stressed about it. Yet. I'm
seeing the Dr's on Monday and I'm sure once everything has
been investigated in the manner they choose to carry out
such things I know I'll get the all clear. I've had lumps
before and they all disappeared. Then one that had me
worried, so I had it checked. And that turned out ok. And
I'm sure this one will too. It's just like the last one,
something in your gut nags you. Something says hey, this
is different or hey be a little worried, so get it checked

I guess that worry really is a wonderful thing. In small
doses. If I didn't worry about it, I wouldn't go see a Dr.
That small edge of worry and panic is what makes people do
things they really should.

For me to even write on such a thing, when they've been
things in the past though makes me think my worry factor
is up a lil higher than just an incy wincy bit. Naturally.
It's a lump and I'm not so young anymore that things like
this aren't a possibility. I'm not untoucheable and I'm
not immortal.