Nick's Journal
2007-01-12 15:59:59 (UTC)

The Iraq War

alright, i figured i might as well put down my thoughts
about the iraq war now that bush has decided to send 21,500
more troops there.
yes i supported it (albeit inarticulately) in a journal
entry. and i regret it.
i made a mistake.
you see i just thought that saddam was ruthless and one less
ruthless asshole in the world would be a good thing. i love
how the u.s.a. threw it's sovereignty around and just did
what it thought right. that's what i still admire about
bush, he just does what he thinks is right and that's
probably the only quality i truly want in a leader, just not
some wishy-washy politician (i.e. hillary clinton, john
kerry, etc.).
the problem of course is that he makes BAD decisions.
it's kind of funny that i admonished him in a later journal
entry for not having read 'Just and Unjust Wars', when i had
read the fucking book 3 times and still supported the war!
that book predicted all these events to a fucking T.
history predicted these events to a T.
so let me just say, i was not DUPED like spinless
politicians suggest they were by phantom 'weapons of mass
destruction', come on, have some balls, admit you were wrong
and not just led astray.
i truly believed the middle east would be better off. i
didn't believe that saddam was helping al qaida...come
on...that's ridiculously illogical. fundamentalism can't
thrive in a totalitarian state unless it is what the
totalitarian state is based upon.
anyhow, here is what i agree with (i'm not smug enough to
pass these solutions off as my own as SOME bloggers do).
1.) partition iraq. seriously what else can we do to help
them? they are about to launch a fullscale civil war on
each other, you HAVE to separate them, just like fighting
2.) oil profit sharing. so as to not slight anyone you
have to pool the oil revenues and equally distribute them
amoungst the different sections
3.) make a fucking constitution!!! that is the primary
key. seriously, you have to make a constitution like ours
(or like jay leno joked, "why don't we give them ours, we're
no longer using it"). that is the biggest and most
important point. religion must be completely sucked out of
the political process, this was already fucked up when you
could see sectarian sway in saddam's execution (which was
royally fucked up by the way).
so there i said it.
alright fine send in 21,500 more troops, i wholeheartedly
understand bush's logic. evceryone that wants to withdraw
right now is idiotic. come on, are you serious?
you know what that country would devolve into?
but let me jsut say this...sadly, in the long run we just
CAN'T fix this.
because this is beyond the u.s.a. these people are killing
each other for reasons that we can't intervene on. and i
know no politician would ever say this so i might as well.
we are sending our soldiers in as fodder. seriously, the
only reason why they aren't killing each other on mass
scales is because they also are tuned on killing us. the
same people that launch sectarian strikes also launch
roadside bombs against us.
we are slowly feeding our men and women so as to stem the
tide of blood from their inevitable civil war.
there is nothing we can do to stop this, because the civil
war is not about us. i say withdraw by november, it is so
sad, but they are going to devolve into civil war.
so why harold the 21,500 troops?
because you just have to try, i hate the thought of sending
people to ddie, but maybe this surge in troops could quash
the blood flow and help restore order. beyond that...well i
admit, i fucked up.
and think about it. be bush for one second. do you know
what you've done? how can you not feel responsible for that
country's well-being? it is quite easy for any politician
to pander to the masses, but if you have that shit on your
shoulders for the rest of your life, wouldn't you like to
send one more chance their way?
i feel so badly for the people of iraq i can't even describe
it. we just wanted to help but were way too fucking stupid
(me included) to realize what we had unleashed. and i am
ineffably sorry to the men and women who are there now, but
at the same time i appreciate their cause and help and honor
so much i can't even describe it.
i just hope in the long run this all is worth it.