Nick's Journal
2007-01-12 03:30:44 (UTC)

My Baby is Gone

i'm all alone. i don't know what to say. i feel alone
beyond all comprehension. she has been so a part of my life
that her absence manifests itself in pure isolation.
i feel as though i am totally alone. i just want her here.
i love her so much. let me bore you with how much i miss her:
i watched the first season of 'Martin Lawrence' and found
parabels towards how i felt.
if you love someone you need not even the slightest
suggestion. my life will be hard.
but that's okay, as my resume states, "i love adversity".
ha, right.
noone loves nor expects adversity, that's a sure sign of
but there are those who deal with it. and those are me.
egotistical i know.
but my apartment feels cold. i don't have my girl, my baby,
my wife here and i feel a sadness i could never describe.
its as if you received a gift that was too good to be true
and then someone took it from you. you don't think, "damn,
i deserved that gift"
you just wonder how you were lucky enough to get the gift in
the first place.
well, i don't know what made me so privileged to have my
baby but i will say this,
i have never been happier
more relaxed
more normous
more intelligent
more capable
more loving
more caring
than i have felt with her.
i love you juliann, let the journal that is read by 3 peopl
be a testament to my heartfelt assertition! :-)