I Debbie...
2007-01-11 14:56:20 (UTC)

I Think I Grew Alittle But Not Sure How or What...

I think I work in a soap opera fantasy land. Really. So
two days ago the powers that be were going to send someone
home early due to the fact we were low on kids. By the way
this would then entail kids to be shuffled around like
playing cards depending on what age group they were closer
to in age. This also means that routines are out the
window and a teacher is given a child they don't know and
doesn't know their individual needs. Not to mention we are
going for accredidation in two weeks and we the teachers
are trying to prepare our rooms with the supplies we are
given. Not the supplies needed or asked for ,...given.
Anyway thats another soapbox. The one teacher in the
toddler room was the first one approached. There are two
reasons she is always the first one asked. One she opens
the center so she doesn't stay late. We need more people
to close than open. I always have an infant or two there
until 5:30 and thats just my room. But she has never made
an effort to defend herself to the directress. The
problem is is that the powers that be know this and as
they don't want to piss off other teachers that will raise
their voice the powers prefer to handle someone who will
ndo nothing.Being as I have a better relationship with the
assistant I did approach her and say that it is not right
to send home seomeone who is in charge of a room when
other people are walking around doing nothing. I said I
wasn't going to name names or point fingers because we all
walk around at one point or another. (Most of us don't
make it an art form or have the gaul to use the excuse of
the director told me to do this for her.) I also said that
last week alot of us had over time or worked longer hours.
She said that was because we had the one day off and
Monday didn't count as overtime. I countereed that some
people had actual overtime. That it needs to be consistant
and if yousend one person home it should not be the same
person time after time. We ended the conversation. After
she left I told the teacher in question what I said. As in
true women fashion she told the teacher in the adjoining
room, who thanked me for being the spokesperson. This was
amazing since the woman never really has held an actual
conversation with me for any period of time. And it made
it to the next room to the other two teachers. Over lunch
I told the Preschool teacher what had happened since she
has an ear to the front office and I wondered what she may
have heard. Oh and by the way the first teacher didn't ebd
up going home because the two kids she was waiting for
showed up late...All the Preschhol teacher had heard was
that the one that gets to walk around was in the office
the whole time doing errands for the directresss like
usual. Must be nice to have an assistant to do your job
for you because you can't handle it yourself. Part of the
problem is that the directress needs a course or ten on
computers. She can't even look up something on the
computer by herself because she doesn't know how to move
from screen to screen. Seriously. That is why the
assistant has so much shit to do and never gets training
for the stuff idiot directress does. Kind of hard to teach
someone how to do things in the computer when you have no
clue what the heck you are doing yourself. But I digress.
Yesterday the same teacher was approached to go home. Mind
you the guise was because of hours. This was poppycock.
Since two other teachers were approached to stay late and
the afternoon teacher for the toddler room came in early.
And the one who gets to walk aroung used the directress'
credit card to go shopping for teachers supplies on
company time. Now I am not saying something out of sour
grapes. I just don't think that it is fair that Toddler
teacher had to go home four hours early when all this
other stuff went down. We are low on kids. Fact. We are
loosing kids because all the parents on SRS which is a
governmant assistance program are having a hard time
paying on time if at all. But how does a parent have a
1600 bill that has never been paid and it not be addressed
due to the directress not having the balls to do anythin
sooner? And you know the center has atrack record for
parents who say they want a apot give us a non refundable
payment to hold it and then weeks before they are to start
they cancel. Wouldn't it be a good idea to have a waiting
list and if someone who wants an immediate apot call up
the reservation to make sure they are still coming. That
is what we did in the jewelry store. And it does work.
Later that day two teachers came to me to tell me little
tidbits. The Preschool teacher told me that the walker had
said if she (Pre)didn't want to stay late that she (walker)
would since she wasn't doing anything. Then the walker
came into my room just in time to feed her favorite baby.
(Mind you I did say favorite.) I thanked her for it. It
was nice even if she was just trying to make a point. Then
the two's teacher came to me and asked me what I had said
to the ass.direcress yesterday. (I didn't know I was
giving such a important speech. Move over Patrick Henry's
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death...) I told her best as I
could remember. She told me she had been in the kitchen,..
see we all walk around at some point of the day...and the
directress and the walker were making fun of the fact that
the walker was doing nothing. Bantering back and
forth..with the other teacher right there. Like trying
again to make a point. Not sure what the point is or what
they were trying to accomplish. I think they needed a
secret handshake or something. I thought that was funny.
Two's teacher and I talked about this more and I said I
don't have it out for anyone and I am not mad at anyone. I
am dissapointed in the directress for her actions or
inactions as the case may be. I said that this is the
first job I have ever had that is so lax. Rules are made
and then never enforced. And that is why so many people
regard it as not a real job.

Well anyway I am sure there will be an ongoing part to the
saga. I told the one who thanked me that I put my neck out
once. I wasn't going to be the one to always do it. It was
someone else's turn next time. I wasn't going to be the
town crier or the only one to put my butt in the sling.
There is a limit to my generosity when I know damn good
and well not a soul would come to my aid if I ever had
that crap happen to me. Sure if I needed a piece of tape
no problem.

I Debbie