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2007-01-11 08:35:01 (UTC)

Make sense, life

My friends are all:
a) disappearing from the face of the Earth, it seems.
or b) weirding me out

I don't think I'm all that bad. I don't really think that
it's me behind the random sudden disappearance of everyone
I know into complete oblivion. . . . I don't know how I
could have possibly offended anyone. . . hmmm. . .perhaps
am just being paranoid.

I'm kinda bored, tho. I miss all the people I generally
hang out with. They're a strange, intelligent, and funny
bunch. Where did everyone go?

As for the friends who are weirding me out. . .male
friends. . . . When Harry Met Sally. I love that show. And
Harry is right. Men and women can never be friends. This,
however, will not stop me from trying.

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