La Vida Mia
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2007-01-11 00:02:02 (UTC)

January 10, 2007 Part 1

so, i went to new york for christmas, i had an amazing time.
it was great to see summer, i really miss her, reason#1 i
have to move out there. i really love the city, reason#2 i
have to move out there. so many men wanted to bone,
reason#3 i have to move out there. it was pretty sweet.
the food was great, there was a ton of shit to do, i found
out that my friend troy finally made a porn, i visited esti
in boston for new years and had a great time, i really miss
her aswell. i also met someone in chicago who reminds me of
a 40yr old ft. hes pretty cool and i like him.

anyway so where did we leave off with the ft drama.

well i called him before i left so that i could drop off his
present. after a few days of back and forth he said he'd
come over to pick it up. he came over when i was in the
shower and when i got out i listened to his message. he
said he couldnt remember what # i lived in and since i wasnt
answering my phone he would come by later.

i called him up, asked him to swing by, id give him his
present and he could leave. after alittle "hesitation" he
agreed and said hed be over in a few minutes.

as soon as i get off the phone, i go down stairs to wait and
hes already there. that means he was sitting in the parking
lot but wasnt about to admit it.

i invite him up, we sit in the kitchen and talk. later he
admitted he was uncomfortable because my roommate was
sitting in the living room listening to the conversation.

the whole time he keeps trying not to make eye contact but
when he looks at me he kinda stares and then catches himself
and looks away. this goes on for awhile and after some chit
chat i kick him out because we both have shit to do.

as im rushing him out the door, he lingers, its almost like
hes trying to go in for a kiss or he wants me to do it or
something cause it takes him a minute to get out the door.
he keeps looking back at me then hes off.

so later that night, im busy backing and he calls me. hes
drunk and all kinds of talkative. starts telling me how
cute i am and how i looked really nice with wet hair,
freshly shaven, blah blah blah.

its exactly what i want to hear but i wish he wouldnt say
it. so then i try to convince him to come over, no hanky
panky and he doesnt trust me from the last time i sad the
same thing and he spent the night.

so he goes to el rey to eat and his brother is there and
then we talk a few more minutes then the conversation ends.

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