Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2007-01-09 11:11:54 (UTC)

new year blahs

So. Things have been, difficult.

To say the least. I have to decide in the next two
or three days, if I'm going to stay here any longer
or go back home, to my cats for a couple of months,
and then return with a renewed sense of self?

Or. Leave, and never come back. But then what?

Or. Stay, endure the bullshit, and hopefully make
something work, and keep striving for the goal,
which seems to be constantly out of reach. But
at what cost do I stay and keep burning the oil?

The Problem. Lies with, does going back, mean that
I've failed? or that I've mearly come to a dead end
in the road I've not quite thought through?

These are the machinations I am enduring.