I love it when they fuck my brains out
2007-01-08 14:32:11 (UTC)


So pretty much it has been forever...right?! Well Jeff
left on a month of vacation (thats the older guy), I have
almost dated I think 3 guys since I last talked to you
guys.....one was Blake....oh my god he is sooooo hott!!!!
Lol but he has a girlfriend I know sad right?
The next one was Dustin.....he's cute but hes also on the
rebound.......the 3rd on is this guy Tom we are still goin
through some stuff quote get to know each other better end
But that about it I haven't done anything exciting except
go to a bunch of concerts....oh and I went to Onefest
which was so Rad!!!
I have to go I am hoping to sleep in this class for a
little while.

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