Nick's Journal
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2007-01-07 18:30:22 (UTC)

I just wanted to enjoy the playoffs

yet here i am already writing a journal entry about them.
yesterday i watched the chiefs v. colts & cowboys v.
seahawks. now i know, i know, my preseason predictions have
already gone awry.
granted i shouldn't have gone with the skins under any
condition, i mean if you build your house out of solid gold,
just cos it's solid gold and worth a lot, you know the first
shit storm will blow it to hell...that's why you need
cement, which coagulates and becomes one, like the patriots!
anyhow, back to why i am writing this entry. the patriots.
you see i don't really have a favorite nfl team anymore, i
used to love the 49ers, but now i'm just a nomadic fan
wandering into various homeless shelters of teams, looking
for some love and affection, or just a team that doesn't
punt it on fourth and 1 with 3 minutes left, down by 13.
well i also wrote about what makes a player great and just
said it's basically a snowball effect. you know once you
think you're great, you start doing incredible shit and
people remember that incredible shit and it just builds.
well. there's also something else. chemistry and
intelligence. now i truley believe that there are HORRIBLE
herm edwards showed me i was right about him yesterday.
after a ty law interception (his second), he proceeded to
the field goal. he had the ball within 10 yards of the goal
line and couldn't devise a scheme to get it in!
dennis green's famous meltdown with chicago is another
example. i get it, i get it, your team just lost it's shit.
but that is part of your JOB! keeping their shit together,
calming them down, and righting the ship.
so anyhow, if there is one thing that deters me from
football it's the sheer stupidity in coaching. and football
is probably the only sport in which i think i know a
considerable amount of what to do and what not to do.
so i was seriously disparaged by the games yesterday, just a
horrible showing. fucking chiefs making the exact same
mistake the bengals made against the colts, namely playing
to their weakness (i.e. pounding the run),. i mean what the
so i was genuinely disheartened by the fact that football
has reached what bill simmons (the sports guy) so
pertinently had called, "the age of perpetual putridity"
also more euphemistically called by the nfl "the age of
parity". essentially, the nfl has done what the world
championship of polkker has done to itself.
in my opinion if you randomize variables in any given
situation enough, you can take out almost all strategic
advantage any given player (or in the nfl, team) may have.
that's what (once again) bill simmons complained about at
the world series of poker, "every schlub who sits down at
the table is now capable of winning this thing", that's
because the game has been legitimately randomized, by an
influx of people. strategy has taken a back seat to luck.
well in the nfl, it is n't necedssarily luck, but a clear
dissemination of talent. the nfl got what it wanted.
talent is no longer clustered, but evenly dispersed. but
the thing is...talent, needs other talent...that's why the
world series of poker needed (for a lack of a better way to
phrase it) other poker players who knew what they were
doing. because you can't strategize against people who
don't "play your game". as in the nfl, if you have maybe
100 great players evenly disperesed over 32 teams, then
there just isn't enough talent for a steady stream of
consecutive wins.
sure you have somem domination along the lines of ladanian
tomlinson or the ravens defense, but in the end there is no
solidity in this, it really just plays to the one person's
individual talent over the team.
well here i am with all of this in ind and i am watching the
patriots. their opening drive was a work of sheer beauty.
they went no huddle and when they got to the line, brady
would take his time and completely disrupt the jets'
defense. see that's why i always like th epatritos they are
a pleasure to watch.
the combination of belicheck and brady is just amazing, the
two are cement that seeps into the houses of gold and slowly
bursts through. i just enjoy watching this team play,
because there just seems to be such strategy in how they
act, let's just hope one half of my superbowl prediction
comes true.

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