2007-01-06 08:37:06 (UTC)

Noah's Ark

Maybe I wouldn't be so pissed about my permasingle status
if everyone around me didn't come in pair form. I am the
last darned singleton among my group.

Cooey cuddly people. . . .aaaaaaagh. It's like everyone's
vocabulary drops to 'oogy boogy boo' when their SO is in
the same room. Not that this is a bad thing in itself. I
would be that way as well. . . but to watch
it. . . . .uuuuuugh. . . makes me nauseous.

And then I lose friends. Friends who are always with the
SO. It's not really the fact that they have the SO. It's
the fact that after the SO is present, they disappear from
the face of the Earth. Maybe I get a postcard from
CoupleLand once in a blue moon. If I'm lucky.