Nick's Journal
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2007-01-03 21:59:52 (UTC)

Airports & Flying

well i didn't get to write as much as i had hoped during
vacation, but that's okay. you have no idea what hard work
it is relaxing. but anyhow.
i hate airports, and i hate flying. now this is coming from
someone who has flown a whole hell of a lot. being from
austria, my family and i would fly back every summer to
visit our relatives, usually spending three months or so
there. i remember the whole trip there was always an event.
with the four of us always scrambling late to a gate or
trying to shinnie our way to the front of security checkpoints.
i remember spending time in different airports waiting for
connecting flights, watching the people meander to and fro,
coming and going from and to their various destinations.
one thing i remember was that flying was always what i guess
what you would call an "affair of high society", now that's
not to say that only rich people populated airports, but
just that there was a certain group of people who took the
time to travel through the air.
they usually cared about the way they looked, cared about
the stock market and just generally were not your average
joe who you would see at walmart.
now, it's just a fucking free for all for whoever decides to
book a seat. i can't believe the people i see on airports
now a days. considering that i remember flying from the
late 80s to about 2000, something must have happened at or
around 9/11 when the prices came down dramatically.
now, it's just as unpleaseant to be at an airport as it is
to be at walmart. the most disgusting drudges of society
flit through the overly crowded corridors of airports like
vermin. everyone just seems ten times more pissed off than
i remember and no one is nearly as courtesy as they used to
of course now i just sound like a 90 year old grandmother
complaining about this and that, but it's just something
i've observed. the dude next to me smelled like he bathed
in shit.
he was a computer programmer who kept on trying to "catch
me" looking at what he was computing on his mac OS X. it's
just kind of weird how environments can change so
drastically, but there i was waiting for our luggage with
the guy behind me constantly blowing bubbles with his gum.
fucking annoying humans. i hate you people.
ugh, and by far the most aanoying sound i can think of is
someone yawning out loud. no wait whistling. no yawning,
definitely yawning. i just want to go crazy on someone like
but then i realized that if i hate airports i would really
hate jail. christ, you see it's not that the rape, the
brutality and the loss of freedom would make me suffer, but
just the fact that i would have to be stuck with those guys
for so long is what would kill me. i couldn't imagine
having to be with someone that i didn't choose in close
but anyway, as much as i don't necessarily mind flying (just
the people who also fly), i am just as glad to make it home
safe and sound, so that i can get back to journaling.