Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2007-01-01 20:54:44 (UTC)

...things to do this year

"For I am full of spirit and resolve to meet all perils very

- Shakespeare

- Keep job til july/august
- get student loan interest paid off
- start at SFU or the vancouver film school
- buy the Fiat, restore it
- drive to tofino, penticton & castlegar
- go surfing, scuba diving and sailing
- pay off major debts
- move into own apt
- maim/annihilate roommates
- hang out with anthony
- find love, or at least a gf
- find a date for valentines day
- get some bookshelves made
- get a new futon mattress
- get some real writing done
- make new friends
- make it out to the bar every sunday
- drink more beer, and not get drunk
- start to learn japanese properly
- build a real gaming computer
- get a new warddrobe
- lose tons of weight
- go to the gym 3 times a week
- take photography lessons
- take swing/dancing lessons
- take up wushu again
- eat salad twice a week
- get down to 1 can of pepsi a day
- get down to 1 can of pepsi every 3 days
- get down to 1 can of pepsi every 5 days
- get down to 1 can of pepsi every 7 days
- get down to 1 can of pepsi no days at all
- not kill self from pepsi withdrawal
- not go insane from pepsi withdrawal
- learn to be friendlier to people
- go to more concerts
- watch less tv
- learn to budget (ahahahaha, yeah right)
- be more mature (ahahahaha, yeah right)
- rant less about being single (yeah right)
- actually accomplish something on my list