Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2006-12-30 03:52:06 (UTC)


I walk through valley's
eager to wrest out the
flesh of candor's wake

but in the dawns light
I see naught but a few
quivering lips pursed

kissed untouched in a
dulcet tone of screamed
rage I endure it all

banter if you must, a
call in the night sky is
all thats required

a requiem of turgid
thoughts rampage in a
halted voiced curio

all purchased dreams
cashed in at my expense
of the soulless tramp

unfettered by a gale's
wind fletched wings, here
again you've touched me

but I cannot endure what
it is to live without a
kiss in twilights dusk

but over, ever and again
without pain, fear, onwards
I continue in my trudge

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