taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2006-12-29 21:16:31 (UTC)

Chinks in the body armor, cough.

I used to take great pride in my immune system, making
frequent remarks like, "I never get sick" and "I can't
remember the last time I got the flu." Perhaps this
cockiness has caught up with me. Thus far, my illness-
fighting skills have not been up to par this Decemeber.

This latest bout of cold-like symptoms has persisted for
the better part of the last 2 weeks. I haven't really had
my head in the game, to be honest. My desire to take on
this menacing foe and the will to see it through to defeat
has been sorely lacking. I would hazard to guess that
drinking every second day and not eating much of anything
until supper most days does not lend itself to the cause.
But rest, rest is something I have not been skimping on.

I guess all that can really be done is playing the waiting
game, and eating clementines. Mmm.. mini orange-like fruit.

To the fruit bowl!

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