taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2006-12-27 23:54:20 (UTC)

many do not heed status indicators

Instant message communication can be hectic and fruitless.
Par example, you have 59 contacts in total and 11-20 are
online at any given time on average, good luck trying to
meaningfully converse with more than two.

Two is my magic number, any more than two and stories
start to get jumbled, wait times grow, responses shrink in
length and the whole IM experience turns sour for
everyone. Eventually, you find yourself trying to manuver
a small, broken helicopter around a maze of green walls
while the bars of your messaging windows remain dosile and
unorange in your taskbar.


In lieu of the loss of half my entry, I have only this
left to say, Paris Hilton is a mean lay.

And by "is a mean lay" I mean, "is low on self-esteem."

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