Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-12-25 22:14:40 (UTC)

x-mas day

So. I'm doing laundry. On christmas day.

Yeah, such an exciting life I lead. I was supposed to
see some people, but it fell through and I was feeling
a little anti-social, meh. It's all good.

I'm buying myself a tattoo for my pressie to myself,
and I got my mom some chocolate stuff and my grandpapa
a gift card for the white spot, and for jen I built an
art easel so she can actually do some art, I just have
to finish it up and then i'll give it to her. I'm just
wondering if I should paint it, or let her do it, ah
well, I'm sure it'll be the thought that counts.

hope you all have a decent x-mas, and get pressies!