Nick's Journal
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2006-12-22 19:08:37 (UTC)

A Lawyer with some Wit

i rubbed some elbows last night. that basically means that
i talked to the "elite". you know...those people that make
cops weary of arresting white people for fear of the power
they may hold?
i rubbed elbows with juliann. the two of us did alright. i
hate to say it (and i'm sure she's glad to admit it) i'm
quite good at it. i can make "them" laugh. "them" fawn.
and you know what's really crazy?
i'm never really anybody but who i am.
i could fill up a whole page of when juli had said to me,
"you shouldn't have said that"...or."i can't believe you
said that".
i always say the most sarcastic/(slash)sardonic things on
earth. and i enjoy myself. for isn't that what we were
placed upon this earth for?
i inexplicably am capable of making people laugh who really
shouldn't be laughing at what i just had said.
but that's not the point of this journal entry.
the point of this journal entry is what i will say in the
i am straight DYING for those "elitist" parties.
you see the problem with doctors or lawyers is that they may
act like elitists but they can never seem to act loose or
that's why i'm here.
i'm the clown.
the jester.
but that's why sarcasm came about. think about it.
you make jokes that people laugh at. yet you implicitly use
them as the butt.
making people (inadvertenly) laugh at themselves is gratifying.
especially if they are what my baby would call...