2006-12-21 07:21:52 (UTC)

To Teresa...

I dug this up when I was taking apart things I wanted to
save from the old computer on to the new one. When I read
this, it reminded me of The Great Bond we my sister and I
have, how somehow we are stuck like glue to each other
through thick and thin, How oddly we met, and mostly, what
a great person she is. So cocktails in the air, and here's
to you Teresa...

heavenleigh_something: so...
dragonbait13: dude, you have to realize that you're a
great person
dragonbait13: No matter what has happened you need to
know that
dragonbait13: I'm not kidding, and I'm not just saying
this to make you feel better
dragonbait13: Do you realize all the good things about
heavenleigh_something: no, not really
dragonbait13: Well you have to
dragonbait13: There is no just coincidence that I've
been hanging around you for this long
dragonbait13: There's something about you that people
dragonbait13: And I can't explain it
dragonbait13: Maybe it's the fact that when I met you
I was battling my own demons, and you were an open
bottle of joy
dragonbait13: I remember you were a little chubby when
I first met you in that summer class, but nothing of
that mattered because your smile spoke more goodness
of you then any bully could diminish
heavenleigh_something: thanx dude
dragonbait13: You have a great attitude
dragonbait13: You're good at so many things
dragonbait13: Remember: Decathlon, you making speeches
and debating, track, you're competitive too
dragonbait13: And this is aside from all the writing
you do, and did
heavenleigh_something: i almost failed decathlon
heavenleigh_something: and i quit track
heavenleigh_something: but you put a mile on my face
heavenleigh_something: smile
dragonbait13: well, aren't you a little ball of
negativity... no one's perfect... you got in there
didn't you? The quitting and the almost failing is
just a matter of focus, which granted you might not
have too much of right now, but it's just a bad habit
of a good person that needs to be developed
dragonbait13: (I was wondering what a mile was doing
on your face lol)
dragonbait13: no but seriously
dragonbait13: Before you take anyones judgement you
need to realize who you are
dragonbait13: You are the person with incredible
enthusiasm that does brighten everyones day. Don't let
them rain on your parade.
dragonbait13: When you realize who you are, and don't
let anyone shush away your essence, your spirit, you
become strong, determimed, focused. You know what you
want and go after that.