Random (boring) Thoughts
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2006-12-20 05:26:16 (UTC)

TV News

"This just in: Three climbers are missing on Oregon's Mt.
Hood. Why the hell should you care? Because we're a big
news network, and we're telling you so."

As you may have gathered, I absolutely HATE 24 hour news
networks. I hate them with a passion. They are the worst
thing to happen to America since Susan Sarandon.

Seriously, though, I can't stand TV news, and this whole
mountain climber thing is driving me up a fucking wall.
People climbed a mountain. It snowed. They died. The end.

There are 5 news networks, and they're all covering
exactly the same thing. If there's room for five news
networks, you'd think there'd be some fresh news out there
somewhere...but no, we have to listen to some Oregon
deputy tell us they found yellow snow next to some cave on
some mountain.

The worst part of it is, these networks operate on cycles
of popular news. A few years ago, it was kidnapped little
white girls that got all the press. Now, I'm watching
tired footage of every mountain rescue in greater North
America. It kills me that I'm supposed to feel bad for
some jackass who watches "Cliffhanger" and then drives up
to the mountains with some rope and an energy bar...

I have to listen to 100 different commentators telling us
the psychology behind "why people climb mountains." Not to
mention the endless parade of weeping family members
who "can't bear the thought of life without ________, and
are still holding out hope that he's alive."

"This just in. Breaking news: I DON'T FUCKING CARE!"