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2006-12-20 01:58:31 (UTC)

What I Wish I Had The Balls To Say II

After today I had some for the daycare.

To One Parent In Particular:
I realize you know your daughter pretty well. After all
you knew her before she was born and are her mommy. But
when a daycare person who is with her suggests to you that
she may be teething and maybe you could bring in some
orajel which is not going to hurt her if she is given it
then why make up an answer like oh it didn't work for my
other child. Like okay, but do you really want her to be
in agony until you decide different. I am not a big fan of
medicating a baby but teething pain has been explained to
me as very painful. You think that is why she doesn't want
to eat and she screams for no reason in her sleep. This is
a baby who can normally sleep through anything. Now all of
a sudden she waked up and just screams ...LOUD!!

To My Assistant Director and Director
Once upon a time there was two teachers in a room. They
were respectful to the parents and did a good job in the
basic areas of feeding and changing diapers. Both even
agreed that curriculum for a baby not able to hold its
head up yet was pretty far fetched at best. But this was
where the simailarities ended. The one teacher, SH,
was allowed to bring her cell phone and tv into the room
to use for personal purposes and take longer breaks for
errands. Furthermore SH was allowed to be out of the room
for long periods of time despite the fact this left the
other teacher way over ratio. The other teacher, D, never
complained. Until one day D blew up. She got so mad that
the room was never the same. D never regained her sence of
composure and her feelings toward her job and the kids
suffered. She had tried to approach her ass director about
it but the director was tied at the toosh to SH. And
everyone saw it but the two. Every day D would talk to
someone new about her problem because it surely had to be
someone's fault beyond the two toosh buddies. And when the
one became disengaged from the other's toosh it was only
because of a brief falling out. And then things for that
fraction of time became less scewed. The director was no
better. The two people who were the most in charge were
afraid of talking to certain people about policy not
because the others were more powerful but because it was
easier to make others obey and cower instead.

Its funny how some fairy tales are entrenched in history.
And its unfortunate how some people never learn from the
lessons of history. Its fuuny too that the one person who
was proclaimed a complainer had it right all along.
Sometimes the one who has it the most right is wronged the
most. The one way to discredit her is to make her sound
insane or stupid or bitter. But maybe there is a reason.


How do you sleep at night. How can you sit there being all
high and mighty and say you are tired at a job that you
are allowed to anything you damn well please at including
homework and watch tv. What gives you the right to bring
in a tv to a daycare. I don't know what cloud you have
been living on but I don't know of any job I have had that
I could take as many liberties as you have. Okay so you
don't help with writing in basic lesson plans or the bi
weekly observations, you occasionally fill in the daily
sheets for when they ate etc., you don't take part in any
art or project, you don't stock the diapers or wipes
except when one of your favorites has an empty
container ,you have an aversion to feeding certain ones
so you don't, you never change the sheets and barely ever
put our laundry in, you don't change the monthly theme
boards or songs on the walls, what the fuck do you do
that you do so damn well. Oh wait I know you have a really
good hold on a certain toosh(see the one before) and can
talk well to the parents. Wow that takes the ability to
open a hole and suck in some air. Must be why you need to
be on the cell phone so much and why you are so tired. And
you think that when you get your criminal justice degree
you are going to have so much free time on your hands. At
least the sucking up part may be to your advantage. Be
sure you put that on your resume. Make it nice and bold so
no one can miss it. They say power points are very
affective. Instead of becoming part of the problem why
don't you wake up and help with a solution. In a way I
feel sorry for you. .

To The Daycare Administrators,

You talk about curriculum. You talk about getting numbers
of your enrolled kids up. But are the kids happy. Are they
being loved and nurtured. You need to balence the two and
not become controlled by the statistics. Don't poll people
who are under your control, either because you employ them
or give them a service. If you want honest answers you
need to ask the people who aren't going to your facility.
The ones who leave, and the families of visitors:fresh
eyes not ones that are blind to the inequities. Do you
really think wall games in the infant room are more
important than clean new toys and beds. Have you seen the
mattresses we expect theses babies to sleep on. That is
one thing I would inspect mommies by the way. Forget how
the diaper changing table looks. Look under and at the
crib. Look at the toys and the high chairs. Are the swings
current and do they meet with simple safety standards.Do
the covers look frayed and a choking hazzard. Do the seat
cushions look overused a sign of teachers who sit too much
and are the teacher clothes too clean??? Are the babies
just sitting there or are there things they actually
playing. And about those lesson plans.
You want us to fill out five different charts per day on
each child. That is not including the daily sheets. That
is not to mention diaper changing, that is specific ways
to do this including washing their hands, feeding, getting
them to sleep and allowing them time and ways to grow and
learn. If there is more paper wasted than diapers used
then there is a problem. Does the daycare person get the
chance to interject comments in a visit by a potential
parent? If not there is a problem. And here's my thing. A
baby more than likely by the time he is crawling has his
hands on the floor the same floor you walk on and spill
food on that will he reach down when you are diapering him
to touch anything useful. Also parents go back later in
the week. Are the same teachers in the rooms you looked
at? Beyond illness and emergency there shouldn't be alot
of rotation of teachers or kids. This could mean that
eitherenrollment is down or the teachers are sick alot or
they are cutting hours. Either way the children aren't
getting consistancy. And this could be more hurtful than
not having circle time to discuss community or friends or
whatever the theme of the month is. Does a toddler even
know this stuff? Colors okay. Animal sounds sure. But I
don't think I would want my toddler to do more than play
and learn about social behaviors. Oh and one more thing.
If the teachers aren't willing to eat what the kids are
eating it may not be a good sign. Ask for the name of the
food company. This should not be where they skimp. Can the
cook say what is in a meal she made? And taste it. If
there is more salt than in the dead sea, you want to run
not walk out of there.

Boy Corporate Execs,...I could make it really bad for you.
Just think if some of the teachers as you like to call us
but so seldom make us feel would get together and write
all of this down. Oh,..I just did. Did you get a lesson
plan yourself in morale? Or creativity? How can you expect
a teacher to feel good about helping young people grow
when they feel restrained themselves. Maybe you need a
lesson in reality.
For added foder you need to look at the Ode To A KSU fan.

I Debbie