I Debbie...
2006-12-19 14:30:05 (UTC)

What I Wish I Had The Balls To Say

To My Husband

The reason I don't want a house is because you can't pick
up after yourself. I go around after you like you are a
frickin two year old and keep picking things up. I have
tried reminding you, lecturing you, putting the object
away and then telling you, even putting the object in your
bed and letting you try to sleep with it because you are
still ignoring it and yelling about it. I have tried
casualy mentioning it to making it the central point to a
whole conversation. I have come to the conclusion you will
never ever change this habit that I have determined has
become a central part of your life so I give up. The other
part is monetary. We can'e save money . And I am not
saying that it is your or anyone's fault. Some people have
runs of bad luck. And being laid off three times in one
life time twice during moves is definetly such a
circumstance. So how in the hell would we come up with a
downpayment let alone everything else. Not even mentioning
the repairs. And about that. I am glad you decided to
unclog the drain in the bathroom. But did you have to try
to do it as I was on my way in to the shower? So now I can
either be late for work or not take a shower. Nice. This
is really nice. And who is the one who can't seem to keep
the balcony door closed in the summer time becuase he
wants to keep the cats able to go in and out of the
apartment? Never mind the air conditioning is on full
blast becuase it is around 85 out there. The same person
who forgets we have bills to pay and still insist we do
something like go out to eat. And about the wasting of
food because you have to make enough for an army, claim to
want to eat the leftovers, and then wait to see how long
it will be before I will throw it away or it will become a
visual display for CSI.

To My Mother In Law

Stay out of our personal finances. Period. Refer to the
reasons stated above for clarity and because I know you
won't believe me anyway. Your son is perfect and I am the
one who has allowed him to get fat and lazy. No I am not
blaming you I am blaming him. But on that note. I wasn't
the first person who decided to erase all his debt while
he partied it away in college. You don't know how to reach
him any better than I do. And don't use your impending
will as a means for us to magically be a better couple,
erase our debt, which no you stupid idiot is not tens of
thousands, yes you really did say that last weekend when
you knew I felt like crap, and get a house. That is your
dream. Don't offer your help like a peace offering either.
I have seen that before and it reads like some bad novel.
Here is the help but you had better use it in the manner I
would or I will make you life a living hell. Remember th
reciept you asked for when you gave us the money for a CD
player . Like we were going to spend it on what something
else and pocket the difference. And do you know we didn't
want any of your money and effort to go to watse when as
we were planning on moving the next month I got laid off
and had no job. Yet we still met you guys in Santa Fe for
a week. Lets see that couldn't be part of why we have the
debt on the credit cards. And thank God for the money from
Br. grandma then. That's right. We used it for that. Big
deal. I have been wearing it around my neck like some dead
albatross for over a year, Well I am taking it off as of
right now. And how dare you make it about money. Your
posturing the reason for the season rings abit false now
doesn't it. If you are giving us a gift of money then that
is what it is. Don't put stipulations on it like it can't
go to debt or whatever you were aluding to last weekend.
Like you were saying we were going to run up creative ways
of paying off expensive trips and pleasures so your blood
money can pay it off?
But a house and a car are realistic debts? oOkay I buy
that But don't give me that crap about how us not having
a house hurts you because you see how hard we work and it
doesn't go anywhere. Like the hoards of clothing laying
about the house in four different rooms with the original
tags on them because you had to had them for that special
occasion. Or the food you keep in the basement in that
instance of a freek nuclear blast. Food that has had the
date on of 04 or in one case has evaporated from the
container. Yah okay you are perfect,.. I forgot. Don't
tell me how to use our money and I won't remind you what I
think of how you use yours. Mrs. I have to have the best
and the other stuff is so middle class. You say you had it
rough when you were first married. Somehow I don't buy it.
Rough compared to what exactly. Give me a realistic
accounting if you can and then I may buy some of what you
are selling.

I love you and I think you mean well. But you may want to
stop before you have destroyed the relationship we have
maintained despite the mistakes made on both sides.

To My Sister

Your daughter is a bit spoiled. Ease up on the constant
monitering and babying. I know she is two but you will be
making it harder on her later. And on the daycare people
who are thinking you are both very high maintenance. And
don't you think it is odd that even though you think she
is friendly she won't come near anyone you claim she knows
through pictures? She doesn't act scared when she sees us.
She acts like she doesn't care. Hell she won't even smile
like she is being shy and coy.She may know the face and
call it that name but she has no awareness of who this is.
You are doing both her and the people who want to be in
her life a diservice. You claim you want her to have her
family in her life but you always go out of town to be
with Joe's family and never go to visit me and Brian. And
when we do come in town its never this big priority that
we are there.No wonder dad never goes to visit. Would you
want to visit someone who barely acknowledges your
company. I would like to think I will keep trying.I mean
she is my neice. I am curious to see if she will grow out
of this supposed shy stage. There are kids at the daycare
who are much more trusting despite the fact mommy and
daddy aren't there.
I think something alse is at play.

Okay that is all for now. I will do more people later at
another installment.

Give me ideas readers. I was thinking
drivers on the road,
state of Kansas in general,
former boss,,
deceased grandparent,
friend who only calls when she is drunk,
(no, I didn't just make that up),
parents of specific kids at daycare with the fact known
that I could be all wrong about my comments but they are
meant as a bit comedic,
my parents,
television execs,
okay so I want to rant about the quality of tv shows that
were canceled versus the shit that is on tv instead..

I Debbie