Nick's Journal
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2006-12-15 13:35:20 (UTC)

Happy Belated Birthday

to myself. well i really didn't have a chance to write my
usual narcisstical journal entry on the actual date of my
birthday thanks to me spending it studying criminal law.
right now i am sitting in my apartment awaiting my final
final exam. criminal law. really it's all been going quite
well for me, but for some reason it just seems as though the
wheels are coming off just as i'm coming towards the finish
line. there's just something about this exam that makes me
nervous as all hell.
but enough about this final exam, let's talk about me. i'm
25 now. a quarter century. there's something strange about
25. at 23 and 24 you're sort of in between. at 22 you've
definitely "just been 21", but at 25 you're almost 26, and
we all know what happens at 26. yep, adulthood. so 25 is
the cusp, at 25 you're pretty much an adult. i mean of
course there are 40 year olds who act like teenagers but you
know wwhat i mean.
well at the very least i can look at my life and think that
i am genuinely proud and happy about where i am. i mean i'm
in law school, married to someone i love, and not dead.
those are all things which are quite awesome. really my
life is kind of boring to fill up a whole journal about me
so i'll talk about some other shit.
what's up with american auto credit? whenever i watch tv in
the morning there's this infomerical on that says that they
will "get you a car, if you have bad credit or no credit at
all". now aside from the fact that they say "we'll get you
a car" seems like there are illegal methods employed, i just
wonder how this whole thing works.
like i understand how the midgets advocating profiting off
real estate work, or how any of those stock trading
infomericals work, or how those 'check into cash' services
work, but i don't get american auto credit. at first i
thought that they just assume high-risk customers in turn
for usurious interest rates, but that doesn't seem to be the
case either.
so what exactly does american auto credit do...hold on, i'm
gonna check wikipedia and search the internet for a bit.
nothing. hm. they must just charge high interest rates and
assume the risk. unless of couser they are fencing hot
items, which, given the people they have advocatin the
service, doesn't seem so far fetched.
now here's anothing thing i was wondering about. you ever
been to a restaurant or gas station which has a urinal and a
sit down toilet seat, they're right next to each other and
there's no partition. plus there's a lock on the door
giving every indication (along with the overall size of the
bathroom) that this is a one person only bathroom? like
what's the point of the urinal? are you supposed to leave
the door open and if someone needs to piss and you're taking
a shit they can basically whip out their cock two inches
from your face and relieve themselves?
isn't the urinal jsut a waste of resources? i mean if
you're in there and there's only a toilet aren't you just
going to use that to urinate? i mean the urinal is nice and
all, but you can make due with just the toilet.
it just seems stupid to me. and yesterday i was at the gym
and what the fuck is the deal with guys over 40 just
prancing around like naked fairies? seriously, whenever i'm
in the locker room i have to do my best to avert my eyes
from mounds of sagging flesh. all the choads and harry
cocks hanging around is just utterly disgusting. but then
it got really bad.
there i was urinating (fully clothed i might add) and there
are these two bastard old men who saddled up next to me and
start pissing...naked. and start talking to each other.
now mind you there are no partitions here so i am right in
between two grizzled old men who are absolutely disgusting.
and let me tell you things you women of the world. if you
think your boyfriend or newly wed husband make horribly
disgusting noises, wait until they're 40 or above. older
men make the most disgusting noises in the world. and this
is coming from a guy who had farting contests with his
roommate in undergrad.
just sickening.
well that's all i can think of for right now. yay for me
now that i'm 25. boo to american auto credit, one room
bathrooms with both urinals and toilets, and boo upon
elderly men who feel they must prance around like young
fawns on a crisp spring morning.
crim law, i'm ready for ya bitch.