My Aphrodisiac
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2006-12-14 08:31:20 (UTC)

I should be cool

So, I'm up. It's the day of the exam and...I honestly,
could care less. I'm finna go in here and make it do what
it do. Seriously. I dunno why I'm not afraid. I think that
it is possible to pass this class. And that's exactly what
I'm about to go in there and do. It can't be that hard.
This Fred and Blair ish is messin' with me. I know he still
fuckin' her. I know it. Both of their profiles on facebook
read "it's complicated". Oh no. It's more than that.
Although she just changed her status, and his has been like
that. Refering to our situation supposedly. Yeah,
whatever. I know I probably sound obsessed about it all,
but I been doin' a lil' snoopin'. And? He's a joke. She's
a joke. And I'd be a joke if I were to think otherwise.
Well, I'm finna take me a nap for about an hour and get up
and study a bit more. I'll be sure to write of my feelings
about the exam. Ahhhh...God, please save me. Please. Peace
& Blessings.

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