Waka Waka Waka
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2006-12-13 04:00:27 (UTC)


I had to sit through a 4 hour meeting on the project today
with my corporate manager and when I came back to the
office he was nice enough to keep working on it because I
was already behind 4 hours on my regular work, plus I have
to get all the paperwork together to transfer 40 jobs into
our shop (take over from a rival shop :)) I use to be
scared that something bad was going to happen to our shop
but the last couple of months have shown some real
improvement. My corporate manager left and said that he
was working on the breakdown but he was missing something
but he was going home and he would be back tomorrow to keep
helping me. I don't know what happened----maybe it was
just becasue I stayed late and the office was quiet and I
was relaxed listening to music, but all of a sudden---I saw
it----I saw the problem!!! I redid alot of the formulas
and it came out!!!!! I can't wait until tomorrow morning
and show him what I have found!!!!!!!!!!!!Pretty sad when
all you have in life is making the numbers come out right.

My youngest boys cat is getting to be to much for him at
night, it's not bad on the weekends when we are around and
the cat stays up during the day but when the boys are at
school and I am at work all she does is sleep and around
9:00 p.m.---watch out!!!!!! My youngest tries to shut his
door so that she is locked out of his room but like any
good woman, a shut bedroom door means nothing!!! She will
sit there and throw herself against the door over and over
again till he can't take it anymore and opens the door up
to let her in, weeeellllllll, not anymore!!!! I told my
youngest that it was going to be a long week but I was
going to stay up and everytime she throws her fit I'm going
to douse her with a spray bottle till she learns that when
she hits that door she is going to get hit with some
water. I'll have to update to let everyone knows if this
really works!