Nick's Journal
2006-12-12 00:14:58 (UTC)

When it rains...

oh my god. 2 more exams. just 2 more! yesterday i got to
meet our neighbors. i had never before seen them and i was
quite curious as to who these two people were to whom
juliann and i were privy to whenever their aired their
marital grievances. you see, most every night, the two of
them would fly into an alcohol induced exchange and would
(sometimes) also have what i have come to determine as the
loudest sex ever.
well i found out that this was all coming from a couple
whihc looked to be approximately in their mid to late 30s.
given that we were living in a "student housing" building
this seemed quite odd. to be honest, if these two people
had not been on a nationally renowned campus of the united
states, i would envision them guzzling beer in a trailer
park occassionally yelling at one of their 3 eyed children
to let in their mongrel get the type of people
they are.
well this is all fine and good and whatever, but then
something REALLY eerie happened last night. i woke up as i
usually do around 1:45 and got some milk. i distincly heard
yet another malt liquor fueled feud raging in the apartment
next to us. i shook my head, drank my milk and was about to
drift off to a nightmarish dream of failing my property exam
when i heard the following from next door.
the thuds were obviously the sound of someone running in the
apartment next to us (the whole building has hardwood
floors) but the BAM. the BAM was obviously the sound of a
body hitting the floor. it was 1:53 and i was now wide
fucking awake. i guess it was mainly because i had seen
them just earlier that day and had even joked to myself how
this guy probably suffered from "cold meatloaf battery
syndrome" that my heart started to pound. this dude was the
usual burly guy you see on oxygen busting up his wife for
not having bought him a six pack.
i laid there in bed. and there was silence. horrific
silence. now yelling, no drunken, angry accusations thrown
about. nothing. nothing but silence. then finally at
about 1:57 i could distinctly hear her voice again. only
this time much more subdued and his giving a terse response.
the civil procedure exam wasn't too bad, but now i'm
seriously on my last leg. it's not that i'm sleeping badly,
it's just that my mind can't take anymore learning. or
rather, testing. see i don't mind the studying, but taking
those 4 hour tests is just murder.
anyhow, i got home and juli was taking her take-home exam on
her laptop, when the unspeakable happened. she accidentally
spilled water on it.
i can't tell you how badly i felt for her. although she was
really awesome and took it in stride. see if that had been
me, i would surely be on channel 9 screaming at the camera
crew about how i wanted a helicopter or i was going to shoot
each and everyone of my hostages one at a time.
but i still feel badly for her, but i'm sure it'll work out
fine, although i have to admit i admire her not losing it.
then i got the greatest surprise ever. juli's brothers and
my sister-in-law got me a money clip!!!
it's the hippest thing this side of istanbul. it's leather
and has a buffalo engraved on it. i promptly tore all of my
dollar bills out of my wallet and mosied on over to the
barber shop to get a long overdue haircut.
of course i was too fucking done from exams that i forgot
that i had taken all of my money out of my wallet, so i was
frantically flying through my pockets trying to find it
until i finally realized that i had the money clip.
then i finally got to the coffee shop to study some property
and crim law when juli called me to tell me that harold (our
rat) had suffered a leg injury and was currently bleeding at
so i quickly packed up and we had to examine and assess
Harold's situation. as none of the fucking vets around here
could take him today and he seemed to still have enough
blood in him to get him through the night, we decided to
bring him in tomorrow.
the bottom line is that it is now 4:15 and i have not
studied for either property or crim law yet.
but atleast the rain has stopped.