Let's see how long this lasts
2006-12-11 16:59:01 (UTC)

I wonder if he even thinks of..

I wonder if he even thinks of me. He's in my every
thought. There are things to say from my perspective, but
I suppose they're not even worth it. I know he's stressed
out from finals and his overabundance of other activities
so he probably hasn't even missed me and maybe he wouldn't
have even if he wasn't. As i become more removed from the
situation the less I understand it. I just distract
myself and try not to think, and I'm doing a good job.
I've had a fun weekend. He should come to get his stuff
tomorrow or the next day. I guess then I'll have a chance
to say whatever it is I want to say, but I will probably
not say anything at all. As he removes me from his life
it is inevitable that he'll forget me cause that has to be
what he wants to do. I guess that means that its really
over, becasue if I'm not in his life I can't keep his
love. meh. We'll see what happens. My thoughts are like
clouds, they seem concrete until I get close to them and
then they disappear into a foggy mess.

I just wanna know, but its none of my business now.