My Aphrodisiac
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2006-12-11 16:29:45 (UTC)

I should be studying...

But I'm not. I'm writing in here like I have just THAT much
to say. Oh well. Today I did NOT want to get out of bed.
And as soon as I do, I look outside my picture window and
the image is vividly painted for me: RAINY & GLOOMY. What
a day. My bitch ass Ethnic Diversity & Pop Culture
professor be tryin' to try me. I swear. I'm the ONLY black
person in the class and seems like one of the ONLY that
speak. Anyhow, we were talking about BlackExploitation in
the media, specifically film. I'm talkin' about they pull
out all the throwbacks. I don't think it was a good
representation of African Americans nowadays, BUT during
the era in which they were referring to, 1970's it was
something that could have stood for Black Empowerment. She
kept repeating that they used the word "nigger" hundreds of
times throughout these films. Not nigga, but nigger. Like
either should make a difference. We as black people need
to stop saying the shit. Fa' real. I look on myspace and
facebook and everybody is posting shit on my page talkin'
about "my nigga this, my nigga that". I feel...ashamed.
Like, I've been in Amsterdam all this time and haven't
heard the word used but twice. Once in Rotterdam by this
dude that thought he was black, but wasn't. And another
when my homegirl Danika was singin', "All these niggas and
all these hoes..." She's white. But what do we think is
gonna happen when we make songs with lyrics of that sort?
I didn't even say anything to her about it. Why? It's like,
I dunno...we perpetuate a lot of shit that happens to us.
The black community would be a better place if we just took
a step back and thought about some of the shit we do. On
to other things...My roommate kissed me. I kissed him
back. Crazy as fuck. I guess that night I did and said
many things. But I don't recall due to the slew of wine and
beer consumption. They said that I was HILLARIOUS. girls...fuck, I wish I remembered. Oh well.
Fuck, is that my conscious calling me? I think so. Off to
do work...Peace.

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