robot talk. bleepity bloop.
2006-12-11 04:47:44 (UTC)

it creeps in

ill be happy today
resting on the cushions, seven pillows under my head
my hand held
my face stroked
and my hair...who cares
looks nice, he says
nice like medusa, i think

ill be content today
breakfast in bed
and a dog asleep on my foot
his temple stroked
ill never leave you, i say
i know you wont, he thinks
at least not while im sleeping on your foot

ill try my best today
to push the idea of warmed wooden floors
and writing on the wall
black lights and canvases and sandalwood in the basement
and hands that have worked and worked well
ill push it out and over and far away where all the
residuals of fractured memories turn to dust
youll never go, he says
ill try my best, i think

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