My Aphrodisiac
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2006-12-11 01:47:01 (UTC) Latin Lover

Man, I wish I'd have written sooner. So that each moment in
time were documented more intimately. But I'll attempt to
intrigue with random recollection of our passionate as hell
moments in time.

I met him at this one salsa/reggae dancing bar my third
night in Amsterdam. I was dancing with my girls and he
asked to dance with me...or rather implied. I look up to
find the finest Blatino man I had ever seen. Anyhow, we
dance and he's groovin', I'm groovin' and I think nothing
more of it. I return to my friends. The whole night
they're like, 'he's staring at you girl.' And he was. I was
his prey, and I was soon to be devoured. We're getting
ready to leave and my girls are telling me to tell him
goodnight. WTF? Hell no, I'm not about to go up to him in
attempt to pursue. So, I instead walk past on our way out
and just as expected, he grabs my arm. We exchange numbers
and maybe a day or two later we're hooking up.

Ok. I'll admit it. He didn't have to work very hard for the
panties. I don't know what it was, but I had the most
illest weakness for Carlos. Like, there were no limits with
us. The first time we did it we were at his house. I
really remember him being thorough. Like, he made sure
every single nerve was touched...and the right way. Brotha
ate the pussy like I was serving up his favorite dish. And
his dick...can you say a good 9 1/2 easily?! I know,
damn...that's big as hell. Almost TOO big. Nope, I took
that shit. And took it well cuz if the average woman were
stimulated as I was, they would be MORE THAN ready to take
that dick too. He pulled
my hair without me having to ask. And not that gentle shit.
That borderline pain/pleasure pull. Ahhhh...I love that
shit. He had mirrors above and on the side of his bed.
FREAK. lol. I liked lookin' at myself in the mirror.
Especially afterwards when we'd go to sleep. He always
would kiss my lips then my forehead and look up at our
images in the mirror. Ahhh...fuckin' Carlos.

Well, this was just a be cont'd

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