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2006-12-10 22:18:45 (UTC)


I went to the B-day party last night and I guess it was
o.k., I ended up bartending for most of the night because
the "girls" were suppose to have the night off and the
owners husband and his fiend was suppose to bartend but
they arn't use to it and was getting behind so I jumped in
to work. This guy came up to me and ask if I remember
talking to him about 2 months ago, and I felt really bad
because I didn't remember talking to him. I told him that I
am usually so busy and meet so many new people that I just
don't retain alot of who I meet. He works at Ford in
Detroit as a "Launch Team Manager" and while it was nice to
talk to someone who knows the same customers and can
talk "shop" there was no "spark" for me. He kept asking me
to dance and I told him "no" because I had turned down a
couple of other guys so I didn't feel right turning someone
down and then going out and dancing with an another guy. He
kinda creeped me out because when I was with my girlfriends
they were telling me that he was just staring at me and he
told me that he had been coming up for the last 2 months
every weekend since he saw me so that he could run into me
again (he has a summer cottage up here) THAT is alittle
weird. 3 guys ask me out last night---3 really nice guys
but I turned them all down, I just don't "feel it" and I
don't want to hurt anyone so I just decline the date. I've
never been one just to date to date, I have to feel
something, some kind of spark, I felt the spark right away
with my XH so I guess I will be alone until I feel the
spark again with someone------maybe it will happen and
maybe it woun't, I guess only time will tell.

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