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2006-12-09 22:04:11 (UTC)

Crapy day

This have been a horible day, I woke up with this bad
feeling and the day have been boring until now. Hopefully
tomorrow will be better:-)

Let me update you quickly on how the situvation with S* is.
I`ve been trying to call him some Satturday nighs, one time
his girlfriend picked up and said hello, and I asked for
him and she said they where sleeping. And one other time he
picked up and hang on me afther saying hello. One thime I
was shopping I run into him and his girlfriend, but I was
quick to leave that store!
That was the most painfull I think. I did a lot of thinking
afther that.
I meet a girl who happends to mention him, I didnt know she
knew him, so I got information, he travels a lot with his
work, have brough an expencive appartment, his girlfirend
is only 17 and goes to school, she lived with him. By a
mistake I send him a message some weeks ago, I have not
heard anything form him, so I guess I never will eather.
I think I just have to live with that, it would have been
nice yes, but its just been so long now, and he have a good
life and thats what I wish for him, he absolutley deserve
I will always remember and admire him. There are so manny
things I wished he knew, but I dont think he ever will .
Mabye one day he`ll call me, but most likely not. Im glad I
got to know him, to love him and learn from him.