Waka Waka Waka
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2006-12-09 13:27:33 (UTC)

Sat morning

It's early Sat morning and the house is quiet (yes, the
boys are with their father this weekend) It's funny that
when my friends found out that I didn't have the boys this
weekend my phone has been ringing off the hook with them
wanting me to go out, I don't want to go out, I want to sit
in my QUITE house--ALONE!!!!! I guess they worry that I
will be lonely without the boys but I really need this time
alone. I worked out in the barn last night, and worked
outside cleaning up my youngest toys from the back yard,
filled all the birdfeeders, spent some "much needed time
with my animals, cleaned the house and wrapped all the
gifts and watched a movie by myself an it really felt good
that I got so much done with not having anyone pulling on
me for my attention. Tonight I was invited to a x-mass
party but I declined and my other friend called and ask it
I wanted to go to a mutual frineds 50th B-day so I think I
will go to the B-day party and connect with some old

One of my friends are gone away on a vacation and I miss
him so much (you know who you are :) I guess I didn't
realize how much I chatted with him until he wasn't there
for me to chat to, but I know that he will be safely home

I was planning on going to work today but I have been
working alot of overtime this last 2 weeks on a project and
I have went as far as I can on it----it has consumed me
where all I do at night is think about how to get around
the problems that we are seeing with the new system and I
want to be the person who cracks the code, but for the life
of me, I can't figure out how to make the numbers come out
(we have 3 people above me working of this also who can't
figure it out, and it would be a boost to my work
perfomance to be the one to break the code) I wish that
they would give me some acess to this from my home computer
but I am not going to even ask because of how much
information is attached to this project. I was spoiled
when I had surgery a couple of years ago and they accessed
my home computer so that I could get into alot of the work
load so that I could keep working on my medical leave
(which was suppose to last 6-8 weeks but I was back to work
after one week, because dirt bag was laid off "AGAIN" and
someone had to make the money for the bills)

Well I should get going, I want to go to another town and
pick up some animal feed (only the best for me and "B"
daughters :) !!!

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