Let's see how long this lasts
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2006-12-08 21:41:27 (UTC)

i do my crying alone today. The..

i do my crying alone today. The only one i would dare
lean on is not here for me to depend on. Tomorrow things
will look better but today is awful. I would give
anything for him to walk through my door and hold me and
tell me its all going to be okay. But this time i have to
do it alone. I'll make it, i just don't feel like it
now. If i could just have one more hour. Just right
now. Maybe then i could feel i could breathe. i wouldn't
even have to talk to you, i just want to lay on your chest
and get these choking tears out for good cause they just
keep coming back. I HATE this! I'm sure if my downstairs
neighbors can hear me they think i'm crazy or that some
one's died.

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