Nick's Journal
2006-12-05 17:28:41 (UTC)

My First Final is in about 4 hours so I think I'll talk about Myspace & Facebook

i seriously feel like i've killed someone and the cops are
closing in on my apartment to arrest me. you know how ray
liotta's character was near the end of goodfellas? when he
was all coked up and sure that everyone was coming to get
him and he looked like a hunted deer?
well that's how i'm feeling now.
i've taken many tests in my life, many tests that others
have told me will determine the rest of my life. but none
of them really every phased me. shit in undergrad i hardly
ever studied for tests, other than the obligatory last
minute cramming.
i think i can safely say that i have studied more for this
upcoming torts exam than i have for all other tests in my
life combined. and the worst part about this is that i feel
like i know nothing. i guess it's akin to working out in
the gym. you're doing bicep curls for 3 straight hours and
then your muscle just tears. all the work you've put into
your bicep is gone and you're even worse off than before you
right now i truly feel like i don't know anything about
torts even though i've been studying it for the past 3 days.
yesterday my group had a 4 hour study session. FOUR HOURS!
i don't think i've spent that much time COMBINED in groups
up until yesterday. the five of us bounced hypotheticals
off each other and debated about correct answers.
now normally i'm kind of skeptical on group work, but i can
wholeheartedly say that it is so worth it in law school. as
'schoolhouse rocks' as this may sound, it really is helpful
to get other people's perspectives. especially after we
dumped that asshole chad from our group.
but speaking to them i got the same sense of agitation with
their studies. josh was telling me that no matter how much
he studied he just simply couldn't stop.
kyle was saying how when he finally got to writing his cheat
sheet he almost lost it because it seemed like he had been
studying the exact same shit over and over and over and taht
it was so ingrained in him that he saw no reason to write it
we all agreed that this was the most stress we'd ever been
under for anything. so now, in 4 hours i will go and take
the first of 5 tests; a 3 hour behemoth which will consist
of two questions. one of the questions we have 2 hours to
do. 2 hours???? jesus i don't even know how to approach
something like that.
so now i'm sitting here watching judge mathis, sipping
coffee and confirming a friend request from a guy i haven't
seen in over 8 years. i love facebook and myspace. the
number of e-friends which i have, vastly surpasses my number
of real friends.
at first i grudgingly joined myspace as juliann had a gun to
my head. then i grudgingly joined facebook. i don't know
why but i just hold both sites in contempt. they just seem
like an obnoxiously easy way out of really putting the
effort into a friendship.
but now i've been sucked in. i leave hilarious messages, am
tagged in multiple photos, and of course try my best to
stalk every person i have known in the past 24 years of my
life so that i may add them to my ever-growing list of buddies.
the latest problem though, was expressed to me by tristan as
i left (what i thought) was an absolutely hilarious comment
about how you can easily fit an asian midget into a
washing machine if you just applied a little bit of WD-40
and a "can-do" attitude.
several hours later i was disappointed to find my comment
had been nixed. i confronted tristan about this and he said
the following, "hey i thought it was funny and all, but i
just got to make sure my page is somewhat clean."
"well you know that employers sometimes scour myspace or
facebook for background checks right?"
come on. how fucking lame is that? i don't think i'd want
to work for someone who checked me out on myspace. besides,
barring any criminal activity, what would I care about what
someone says on one of those sites? so what if i have
pictures of myself with a copy of the season 4 of fresh
prince of bel-air?
I just think it's wholly irrelevant and i can't tell if it's
more pathetic that the employer checks up on you or that
people 'tailor' their page so that they aren't implicated in
any wrong doing.