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Life Story
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2006-12-05 03:43:10 (UTC)

Quotes: Meanings to me

Number One: “A thug is the underdog that rises above” -
So this is the quote that I got tattooed on my back.
Obviously this one means a lot to me. First of all let me
explain that in my “hometown” it is very small where it is
full of drama, bars, drugs, violence, and high school drop
outs. There aren’t many people that really get out of
there. Small towns are thought of as the underdog towns.
Well I came from an underdog town full of underdog people.
I rose above all that though. I rose above the town, the
people, and the expectations. I am the thug.
Number Two: “to stop time.”- Nate B.
Okay so I didn’t want to quote the whole conversation. But
a friend asked a friend if he was a superhero what would
be his power. When Nate replied he said he would have the
power to stop time. Well I haven’t really gotten along
with him, or agreed with him. So this was the first time I
did. I concur, I would want to stop time too. If only I
could. To tell the truth as soon as I seen him type it out
my first thought was of when I would freeze time. I didn’t
even have to think I knew that I would stop time when
laying in his arms. I love to be with him and be laying
next to him. I love his arms around me. I love to feel his
breathing and his gentle kisses. I would just freeze time.
Number Three: “I’d imagine my wedding as a fairy tale…
huge, beautiful, and white”- Paris Hilton
Okay so I am a total girly girl when it turns to this
quote. I am not the normal girl that loves pink and tons
of flowers decorating my furniture and ruffles. Actually I
hate all that girly shit. But ever since I can remember I
have had this big fairy tale wedding planned in my head. I
want to have a huge wedding, everyone to be there, I want
it to be beautiful everyone leaving saying how great it
was and of course I want traditional white wedding. So in
a reality I agreed with Paris. But key word is agreed. I
have really changed since the fairy tale days. I realize
two things. It would be nice to have my dream wedding but,
1) weddings have really changed and my wedding would cost
a lot of money. Damn weddings are very expensive. 2) If I
love someone that much to marry them, haha why would I pay
all that damn money. I could pay $200 to go get my name
legally changed at the courthouse. I don’t need some silly
piece of paper to tell me that I will be faithfully
devoted to someone for the rest of my life. All I need is
a promise from him and the simple, I love you!?!