Nick's Journal
2006-12-04 03:12:49 (UTC)

KaPow! Buy my product bitch!

if ever you wanted to see two complete polar opposites in
the advertising world you can contrast chevy having john
mellencamp selling out and crooning that fucking song "this
is our country" vs. jetta's accident commercials.
now, if you watch football as i do on sunday, there is a
good chance that you've heard that god forsaken mellencamp
song on the tube. i get it, i get it chevy. you're americas
car. you are selling the image of the rugged american who
runs down middle easterners with their big chevy trucks.
those big chevy trucks that cowboys and ranch handlers tear
stumps out of the ground with.
awesome. one thing i hate about those commercials (other
than the sickening song) is that it tells me virtually
nothing about the product. but then again that is just the
advertising direction they have taken, so many products sell
an image with their actual tangible selves.
and come's a chevy truck, we all know what they do.
they drive forwards, backwards, and then the electronics
crap out after 3 years and you end up buying a toyota.
but then there's the jetta. those commercials are fucked
up...and let me tell you, the first time i saw one of those
i was capitvated. if you haven't seen one, it essentially
shows a couple of people in a car, you know just carrying on
having a normal conversation, nothing that really captures
your attention. then from out of nowhere a car slams into them.
you're left just floored by how direct it all is.
waht i love about this commercial is the way it's just like.
they're not selling an image, they're selling their five
star crash test rating...and they are selling it with a
vengeneance. they're not lke, ooooo, look we get 23 miles
to the gallon and were rated the most fuel efficient car.
uh uh, they just say. BAM!
awesome. i truly love it.
now the only problem is that the jetta is a woman's car. i
mean if you want to detach your testicles and buy one cos
you're too much of a pussy to take a collision at 55 mph
(you're probably the same type of pansy that buckles up, i
asssume) then you go ahead and buy yourself a jetta. or if
you're a black guy who wears turtle necks.
otherwise. be a man. be a hero. love your country. and buy
a fucking chevy!