me, nothing more, nothing less
2006-12-03 08:55:47 (UTC)


Im actually gonna sit down and write in this properly for
peoples to read and not die of boredom.

you probably will anyway, but meh.

Right. Well firstly Giles and me broke up...distance and
all that jazz

Im now seeing (enphisis on seeing) a guy called Simon
(yeah, the one from the other week) Weve been seeing
eachother for two weeks now and everythings good there [=

Ive only got one more day of being grounded, then Im freee!

Atm Im really finding out who my true and real friends
are, so far..Ive got 4. Guess who they are..(hmmm..hard).
It sucks though because I hardly ever see them (Im
changing that, you're all coming into town with me when Im
not grounded or in hucclecote, weather you like it or not
(sorry if i smoke in front of you, blame Amber)(oh yes I
must tell Roro about what Amber said about Tobie)) so yeah.

I love the four of them with all my heart.

Okay. I bet nobody's gonna read this...but Ill carry on
rambling on.

Let me explain me four true friends (In no order):

Jenny: Simons ex girlfriend- I know she's a true friend
because she didn't hate me (or Simon) when she found out
about us, and even when there were rumors going around
that Simon cheated on her with me, she still told me that
she loved me every day [=

Roro: Is a legend. She's a true friend because she has
stood by me, through everything. I mean yeah we've had
fights but we made it through, and that's the only thing
that matters. I can actually say sorry to her and mean it.
I feel like I can talk to her about anything and
everything...and I can. And we do have our fun [=

Emily: My girlfriend. Hehe. She is also a true friend
because she makes me smile just when she comes on MSN. She
is helping me with a very important thing (operation eat
the red monkey) and I can trust her with it, and I know
she won't mess it up or anything. She is my everything [=

Amy: My bit on the side. Lol. She is crazy, and I love her
for it. She has been there for me but she does it all
differrently, she tells me things straight- and I need
that sometimes. She's my slap in the face (if that makes
any sense (it does to me, you must be stupid)) If she
thinks Im being a slut or stupid or anything, she will
tell me. And she is amazing [=

That (for me) is what makes my true friends....true

Woah Ive written a lot. Hehe


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