jenjen junglegirl

story of jungle girl
2006-11-30 03:38:09 (UTC)

s.o.p..... (sex on phone)

this is the lamest sh*t i have ever seen bhut come on i
haven't done s.o.p. in a while thas why i did s.o.p'd mark
the other night. o well. if u wer to ask me whu was d best
s.o.p. person that i ever had it had to be that other guy
from malate that i used to talk to on d phone., or raffy
j. lolz. i don't know. raffy had a very nice voice.... but
wen it comes to s.o.p. i have to choose that guy from
malate. he can rap too. he raps to me on d phone. yupz! he
had a nick name in party profile and his name ova der
is "greenmoney". u know,.... and uhm..... i told him that
his picture was soo dam funny that i was laughing my ass
off already and sh*t and i told him that his pic was kinda
ugly u know. i was only kidding wen i said that it was
ugly... but u know what he did? after a few weeks he
deleted all his pictures from there... and he had many
pictures there too mayne. i was very upset after he did
that. then i had this s2pid arguement with him on the
phone. i was cursing him out coz' i was wanted to meet
with raffy bhut raffy was lyk shitting on me all d tym on
the phone soooo.... u know my anger went on him. wait
holup coz' i fogot his name ya' know. that was years agoo.
sooo this guy named mark s.o.p.'d me. it was ok. it cud
have been better bhut it was ok. lols.=)

so now i am listening to crank calls on soundclick. i
swear this is cracking me up ryt naw as i speek lol.

i am bored!.... i wrote somethin' the other day tho'. bhut
just watch out for watever man. i aint into this sh*t no
more. i mean, here in BECOZ' u should know.
it's boring. i can't write that long all d tym man and
talk about ma life.!? wat the hell man!...... is this my
home work 'n sh*t.? u know,... i am not gonna force maself
to write here if i don't have anything nice to say. all i
am saying tho'..... wat man,.... if only i knew of a
person who i can s.o.p. with that's good in s.o.p. then i
would s.o.p. him. lol. i would s.o.p. my babe. hahha.=))

ok. one of the last tyms that raffy called me and that i
dissed him... not on purpose tho' coz' i was seeing
somebody at that tym and he called and i hanged up on him
several tyms that night. he said that he want to s.o.p.
me. well,.... i told him that i don't wanna s.o.p. coz' i
don't have any soap. i told him that in my language, in
tagalog. i was laughing!... after i hung up. he was
lyk,.... cge na, s.o.p. lang naman e. lolololol. i feel
lyk, u know, i should s.o.p. wenever that i am bored and
nid to get my suff out. hahaha.=)) i am not that into it
anymore since i know that i can mas2rbate anytime of d day
all by myself. i will have fun by myself mas2rbating
anytime of d day. i don't nid to s.o.p. that much anymore.
i don't feel lyk s.o.p.'ing anymore. maybe next tym. k,
tym to sleep. ciao.!....

if u r a friend of myn, and u r from u-flipz.!? u know, i
lyked u,... and i aint gonna try to hide it frum u or
watever bhut if CanAsian ever did s.o.p.'d me then i'd be
lyk "hell yea'" boy, i wanna know. coz' them peeps whu i
s.o.p'd sometyms won't tell me whu they really r. ok lata.
wait, ok CanAsian. if eva u did s.o.p.'d me and neva told
me then i wanna thank u that u really did coz' i didn't
broadcast ma phone number on u-flipz for nothing man. i
got a million phone calls from different men everyday
those years. u know, i don't even know wat to do wit those
ppl coz' all of them wanna s.o.p. me lol. ok, lata! wuv
u!... :-*