I Debbie...
2006-11-29 01:52:05 (UTC)

And On That Topic of Being PC

PC : to be politcally correct for the sake of a particular
group: to be correct in a social setting:
to be beyond absurd.

That is right absurd. Stupid. Assonine. Idiotic. Okay let
me say assonine again. I think Okay I know I want to draft
a letter to a corporation that has its own head so far up
its ass that it has become blind to anything that is good
and moral and decent and wholesome. Assonine. Yup that is
the ticket. When a comedian can't defend himself against
the people in the audience who were probably drunk off
their asses. When a schoolteacher can't put up Christmas
day on the calender or Kwanza or whatever the hell they
want. Excuse the fuck out of me but Christmas is so
recognized by this the country that is giving their sorry
asses a home that stores and federal buildings are closed.
That is right closed. But it is okay for good old Martin
Luther King to be up there. That and Labor Day. Okay and
the purpose of that is what exactly.

Let's not offend anyone. You know because our forefathers
would rather us have remained in our bordoned lives than
come here so we could worship freely. Its as if the ones
who worship have become the new witches. Lets be afraid of
those who wear a cross because they are evil. Never mind
the pedophiles who are protected by being able to live
near our schools and homes. Lets not hurt their feelings.
Or the hardened criminal .Gosh they need their outside
time. And their big screen telvision sets. But the school
that wants a tree with a tinsel. That yes that my friend
is the horror that grips us in our sleep. Go to church
and pray for your soul. And that cross that hangs around
you rneck or the star of David or whatever. wow that is
such a terrible thing. But the one that walks in with the
five tattoos and the belly ring and the purpke hair , well
they are just wanting to express themselves. What has
gone so wrong in our world.

Maybe Jericho isn't so wrong.

I Debbie